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Wishing for a dream team? Want to hire the best specialists in your industry, but don't know how to start?

WEEM – is a team of professionals around the world with great experience in IT recruitment, software development and building teams for development centers. We will help you to find the key developers with knowledge of specific technologies who will meet the technical requirements as well as be a perfect match for your team.

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The selection of specialists consists of three steps:

Our recruiters have been helping companies to find and hire highly qualified employees for more than 10 years. During this time we have developed our own strategy for the selection and search of the “perfect candidate”.

1. Determining the current needs and goals of your company.
2. Developing and approving of the perfect candidate profile.
3. Personnel search and selection of 2-3 most suitable specialists.

WEEM team uses methods of active monitoring of the supply and demand market as well as provides training and upskilling for employees. Long-standing experience and professional intuition allow us to select candidates for the specific objectives of the client’s business.

Searching for a candidate to meet the company’s needs

Each business is unique so template solutions will be ineffective. To begin with, we determine business objectives and needs. Then we proceed to start selecting specialists. We take into account the time frames as well as the budget. Also we pay attention to the candidate’s experience and analyze their CV according to 50 criteria. All this gives us the opportunity to select the best specialist for a specific position.

Education and training

Sometimes it happens that the company already has a promising employee who just lacks specialized knowledge. In this case, it’s not reasonable to look for a new candidate. It’s much better to upskill an existing specialist. At SkillsUp, our training center, everyone can improve their knowledge in the chosen area. This will allow you to get a well-qualified as well as more loyal specialist.

Organization and conducting professional events

Every year we organize IT conferences which bring together specialists interested in finding a job and getting new knowledge. This is a great platform for networking and attracting the right specialists.

WEEM – is a team that will help you to close complex technical vacancies of Middle and Senior levels in the shortest time, upskill existing employees and completely reorganize the team to make it efficient to the maximum.
The team is 50% of the company’s success so don’t underestimate the importance of recruitment. Take the first step towards the development of your company – leave a request and we will contact you within a day.

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