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Want to launch your development center as a representative office of your company or a separate legal entity in Ukraine? We will provide solid support at all stages of opening, maintaining, and closing. You can transfer all the necessary business processes under the control of the WEEM team to focus on your key business areas. Our experts organize legal, accounting, and HR support.

We assist


Our experts with significant experience and knowledge of the technical and legal base can take on the administrative tasks of opening a dedicated development center or building a turnkey R & D center.


1. We calculate the accurate budget and draw up a financial plan.
2. According to the budget, we find the best option for a quarter in any city.
3. We select contractors and suppliers and sign up the agreements with them.
4. Meanwhile, we start the hiring process to select matter specialists to meet the goals and objectives of your business.
5. We equip your center with technical supplies and software solutions.
6. Throughout the period, we provide ongoing legal and accounting support.
7. As a result, we transfer under your control R&D center. You will manage and scale the center without our support. And we do not charge any buy-out fees.


WEEM team is ready to provide further support and counseling to your development center on a request. Legal, accounting, administrative assistance on a periodic or ongoing basis – determine what you will pay for.

Build your own Offshore Development Center to run a successful business in Ukraine or Europe with WEEM!

We provide each client with an individual approach and assistance at all stages of cooperation. We have experienced different types of collaboration in IT: as customers, contractors, and developers of our products. We know all the weaknesses of each option, so we are ready for open interaction to choose the best approach.

Contact us to see how we can help you to open an ODC/SDC in Ukraine.

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