WEEM has successful experience in custom software development. For creation of web products, we select a team, technologies and work approaches to achieve the desired result. For development of your solution, we offer various CMS options based on your needs: Umbraco, Django, WordPress and others.


What types of web resources do we develop?


Applications that serve a large number of users and include simultaneous processing of significant data amounts.

We implement scalable, reliable and efficient applications.


An online store is, first of all, a commercial platform whose main purpose is to sell goods. Thus, while creating this type of a web resource, we focus not on a beautiful picture but on its functionality and simple usage. We apply the rules of UI / UX design, work on the structure and the order logic, create a personal customer account, wish lists and other similar functionality. The result is a user-friendly, convenient and easy-to-use site for the customer as well as a multifunctional platform for the owner.


This type of a web resource is also called a “showcase” because, unlike an online store, it allows you to get acquainted with the goods catalogue but it doesn’t have the “Shopping Cart” function. With the help of the catalogue, the customer can get acquainted with an assortment and a price list, then call a manager or leave a request on the site. While developing this site, we pay attention to an easy search for goods and a price list; also we pay attention to design because a beautifully decorated showcase helps to present your product in a more favorable way.


A business website is the face of a company thus it is very important to make the right impression at the first sight. While developing this type of a web resource, we pay attention to design, identity (color associations with the brand), text. All these affect the creation of the company’s image. After all, a site like a person has only one chance to make the “first impression”. The result is a neat, moderately creative and accessible resource that helps to introduce a company or a public figure.


To launch a promotion quickly, to inform the target audience about an important event, to conduct a seasonal sale – all these are possible with a landing page. As a rule, this is a page with bright creative design and a call to action: to buy, to download, to register, etc. While developing a Landing Page, we use marketing techniques to attract the visitor’s attention and make them do the target action. As a result, we get an effective tool for advertising and sales on the Internet.


To deliver information to the reader, to share useful tips or to tell about personal experience – all these are possible with an information site. Blogs, news portals, educational sites are different variants of information sites. While developing this type of a web resource, we pay attention to easy navigation and loading speed. The more understandable and faster the site is, the more often a reader will return here.

Technologies we work with: Umbraco, Django, WordPress.

Our work stages include: business analysis, identification of needs and designing the final solution, prototyping, thinking over the structure, design and functionality of the site, development and layout, testing and launching. If you are interested in developing an online solution, contact our specialists for the following evaluation of the project implementation and get expert advice on all issues that will be found. WEEM is your service constructor in the information technology sphere!

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