Outsourcing of Business Process: How to Focus Company Resources on What Matters

Every IT business has non-core activities  that consume valuable resources — personnel management, bookkeeping, legal matters, etc. Such business processes are an integral part of the company and cannot be completely eliminated. But they can be outsourced — for example, to our team of specialists.

It’s often said that if you want something done well, do it yourself. But is everything really like that when it comes to performing the non-core duties of an IT company? Let’s take a closer look at a specific example.

What is the Business Outsourcing Process?

Imagine: you are working from home on an important project and get hungry. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the fridge. You realize that going to the store and preparing food will take time. Moreover, when you’rehungry at the store, there is a great risk of overspending on buying goodies. Therefore you decide to order a delivery from your favorite pizza restaurant. While the courier was bringing the order, you managed to finish the project on time.

In this case, the delivery service is an external contractor. You assigned them secondary tasks that you could have handled yourself. But instead of cooking, you focused on your main activity.

The process of transferring non-core tasks for execution or maintenance to a third party is what outsourcing of business processes is all about. Our company is the same third party to which part of the authority can be transferred. We can’t deliver pizza to your home, but we’re ready to offer services that will contribute to the development of any IT business.

Outsourcing — a Profitable Solution or a Risky Venture?

The topic of outsourcing has been surrounded by myths and concerns that can discourage novice managers: loss of control over processes, high costs, data leakage, etc. If everything is so bad, then why do IT giants like Google, GitHub, MySQL, Apple, and others resort to outsourcing business processes? It is unlikely that they would take risks, delegating tasks on which reputation and profit depend. The answer is simple: outsourcing non-core tasks is highly advantageous for any company.

Among all the benefits of outsourcing, these 5 are the most important: 

  • Focus on key aspects. We all know Apple as a company. It engages in the production of smartphones and more, but it does not do it all by itself. The majority of components for its technology are manufactured at other companies’ factories. This allows Apple to free up resources and allocate them to core activities — software development, new product design, business scaling, etc. By outsourcing some certain processes, your company can focus on what it does best, which is a key condition for the growth and development of any business.
  • Cost reduction. Why hire a team, if it is cheaper to employ a single specialized professional? People only consider the employee’s salary. At the same time, they do not take into account the costs of staff training, the purchase of equipment necessary for work, the payment of sick leave, and many other aspects. By outsourcing business processes, a company saves on staff maintenance and reduces overhead costs. In the long run, a company’s costs can be reduced by 15% or more.
  • Team expertise. External companies that take on non-core business processes involve a group of specialists to handle them. It means that not one person will work on the task, but a team of experts with extensive experience in a specific field. They know how to analyze the client’s needs, resolve the identified problems point-by-point, and establish the smooth operation of all processes.
  • Stability. In-house employees can get sick, take vacation or resign. As a result, you will have to find a replacement for them, hire inexperienced specialists, or transfer valuable personnel from other areas. By outsourcing certain tasks, your company can avoid such problems and achieve the desired result on time, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Reliability and confidentiality. Contractor companies are very responsible for data privacy and security issues. A non-disclosure agreement is concluded between the customer company and the outsourcer. Contrary to all the myths, the transfer of tasks to outsourcing does not increase the risk of data breaches. In some cases, it can even enhance data security..

As you can see, outsourcing non-core business processes has many advantages. However, you need to choose a contractor company responsibly. Outsourcing should solve your problems, not add new ones. It is best to cooperate with companies that have extensive work experience, a good reputation, and successful case studies. Our company is one of those that meets these criteria.

What Business Processes Can We Take Over?

While your IT company is focuses on its core activities, we can assist you with:

  • HR support. Save time organizing the processes of recruitment, hiring, onboarding, training, development, and staff retention. Our specialists know how to find the perfect employee for your business tasks, create an individual development plan template, help set up the assessment center, select training providers and remote training systems for personnel.
  • Legal support. Our lawyers with over 5 years of experience will advise you on commercial, intellectual property, criminal law, taxation, and reporting. We can develop the necessary templates for agreements and contracts, and provide them in three languages ​​— Ukrainian, English, and Russian.
  • Accounting support. Privacy of data and information is our main priority in this direction. Therefore, you can entrust us with both routine financial issues and non-standard accounting tasks. In addition, we offer  financial management services and handle the opening, accounting, auditing, support, and liquidation of individual entrepreneurs or legal entities.
  • Event organization. Entrust us with organizing events to attract new talents, clients, and partners to your company. All you need is to announce the purpose of the event and we’ll handle the rest: corporate events, team-building activities, internal and external conferences, workshops, panel discussions, and even interviews. In addition, we can assist with the publication of articles about your business in major business publications.

We have been serving and executing non-core business processes for IT companies for 15 years. We understand all the challenges and weaknesses of this area, and we know how to solve complex tasks and quickly optimizing non-standard processes. Our main priorities are full commitment, absolute transparency, information security, and customer care. Do you want to become one of our clients? Then just contact us in any convenient way.

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