Assessment Center: A Valid Method for Evaluating Employees’ Potential and Abilities

The development process of any company directly depends on its employees — their professional skills, personal characteristics, and motivation. But how can you determine whether a job candidate possesses the necessary qualities?

Outsourcing of Business Process: How to Focus Company Resources on What Matters

Every IT business has non-core activities on which valuable resources have to be spent. The process of transferring such tasks to a third party is business process outsourcing. So outsourcing is a profitable solution or a risky venture?

Interviews at IT companies: what a Junior has to know about

You’ve just completed a course, finished higher education, or you think about changing a job to start something completely new?

Interviews at IT companies

Questions at the interviews or why you aren’t hired

Motivation “in order to…” is very important for self-positioning at the interview. However, it’s not the only factor that can help you to be hired. From my experience, I can single out 4 more points.

Questions at the interviews

“I can’t take it anymore!” or 5 reasons of IT specialists burnout

Deteriorating emotional health is an underestimated but rather global problem. In the daily hustle and bustle, we think about everything but our inner state. How not to miss the most important thing – yourself? Let us tell you in this article!

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